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Integrated Vendor Service

Integrated Vendor Service is the discipline of working collaboratively with selective manufacturers and suppliers to maximize the potential value of all parties. Through industry and product expertise, we support and promote internal and external (supply partner) growth strategies targeting domestic and foreign defense agencies.

Our core services include supporting Government procurement activities, global logistics, contract manufacturing, inventory consignment, export compliance, inspection services and technical support.

Hardware Sales

Our Hardware Sales group supports customer driven requirements for commercial and defense hardware with emphasis on emergency or rush procurements. We have partnered with industry leading manufacturers to support demands for high strength alloys such as titanium, A286 Inconel and stainless steel.

Additional services include manufacturer expediting, build to print, inventory consignment, kitting, inspection and technical support for obsolete to unrecognized part numbers.

FSC Codes supplied: 3120, 5365, 5305, 5306, 5310, 5315, 5320, 5365

Additionally, we hold exclusive dealership agreements with Boeing and Airbus approved manufacturer for bushings, pins, nuts and retainers. Whether it is a small job of 10 pieces, 100 pieces or tens of thousands, we stand ready to be the solution to customer requirements.


Our modern CNC machine shop is equipped with the latest technology and tooling to ensure we do the job right and on-time. Many products are for mission critical applications and have tolerances as tight as .0002. All components go through first article inspections to further ensure your product meets the requirements of the customer and industry. Although we are adding and updating machines periodically, the machines listed below are in services as of 2016.


  • HAAS VF6-50: x64” y32” z30” Cat50, Intuitive wireless probing
  • HAAS VF3YT: x40” y26” z25” Cat40 4th Axis, Intuitive wireless probing
  • HAAS VF3YT: x40” y26” z25” Cat40, Intuitive wireless probing
  • HAAS VF2: x30” y16” z20” Cat40, Intuitive wireless probing
  • DMG/Mori Seiki 1035: x40” y22” z20” Cat40


  • HAAS ST30: x12.5”; z26”; chuck 12”; max bar 4”
  • HAAS ST25: x9.3”; z21”; chuck 10”; max bar 3” – w/bar feeder
  • DMG/Mori Seiki DuraTurn 2050: x8.5”; z22.4”; chuck 8”; max bar 2.5” – w/bar feeder
  • HAAS TL15 Live Tooling Twin Spindle – x7.5”; z17.5”; c-full rotation; w/bar feeder
  • DMG/Mori Seiki EcoTurn 450: x10.5”; z23.6”; chuck 9.8”; max bar 3”

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